The Bee Guardian Foundation (BGF) is a unique educational organization that connects knowledge to actions. By raising awareness about the importance of the 20,000+ different bee species worldwide (and over 250+ that exist in the UK), the BGF enables and empowers individuals, communities, and organizations, to become “Bee Guardians”, a new figure in conservation, created by the BGF.

Bee Guardian Status
Anyone can become a Bee Guardian! Bee Guardians are not just individuals – towns, cities, schools, universities, and businesses can all achieve Bee Guardian status.

Conservation by Education
Learn more about bees. We run bee-themed workshops designed for
all age groups, abilities and interests. Our educational projects have been funded by the Royal Society.

Bee Festivals
We provide fun activities for all the family that will educate and entertains. We can make your festival or event an unforgettable experience.